Demo integration of Apache Storm with Alfresco to process content
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This demo project will fetch all the nodes from Alfresco to Apache Storm to process.(For demonstration purposes, nodes are being fetched and printed.) Then Apache Storm continuously checks for changed nodes using Alfresco indexer webscript. If any change is detected, project will fetch them and process them.

To run this demo, you need a running Alfresco instance with alfresco-indexer AMP. Then follow below instructions. (Instructions were extracted from storm-crawler project.)

Running in local mode

To get started with alfresco-apache-storm-demo, it's recommended that you run the CrawlTopology in local mode.

NOTE: These instructions assume that you have Maven installed.

First, clone the project from github:

git clone

Then :

cd core
mvn clean compile exec:java -Dstorm.topology=com.digitalpebble.storm.crawler.CrawlTopology -Dexec.args="-conf crawler-conf.yaml -local"

to run the demo CrawlTopology.

On a Storm cluster

Alternatively, generate an uberjar:

mvn clean package

and then submit the topology with storm jar:

storm jar target/storm-crawler-core-0.5-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar  com.digitalpebble.storm.crawler.CrawlTopology -conf crawler-conf.yaml

to run it in distributed mode.

Alfresco/Apache Storm demo is developed using storm-crawler from @DigitalPebble and alfresco-indexer.