Example Apps

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In order to help ensure your success as a Zapier app developer, we've created a bunch of example apps that highlight different functionalities of the CLI such as:

  • triggers / searches / actions
  • authentication methods
  • dynamic dropdowns
  • transpilers

...and more!

You can use them like this:

Comprehensive Apps

https://github.com/zapier/zapier-platform-example-app-minimal - A minimal Zapier App

https://github.com/zapier/zapier-platform-example-app-onedrive - A copy of the OneDrive Zapier App

Resource Example App

https://github.com/zapier/zapier-platform-example-app-resource - zapier init . --template=resource

Trigger Example App

https://github.com/zapier/zapier-platform-example-app-trigger - zapier init . --template=trigger

Search Example App

https://github.com/zapier/zapier-platform-example-app-search - zapier init . --template=search

Create Example App

https://github.com/zapier/zapier-platform-example-app-create - zapier init . --template=create

Dynamic Dropdown Example App


Middleware Example App

https://github.com/zapier/zapier-platform-example-app-middleware - zapier init . --template=middleware

Basic Auth Example App

https://github.com/zapier/zapier-platform-example-app-basic-auth - zapier init . --template=basic-auth

Digest Auth Example App

https://github.com/zapier/zapier-platform-example-app-digest-auth - zapier init . --template=digest-auth

Custom Auth Example App

https://github.com/zapier/zapier-platform-example-app-custom-auth - zapier init . --template=custom-auth

OAuth2 Example App

https://github.com/zapier/zapier-platform-example-app-oauth2 - zapier init . --template=oauth2

Session Auth Example App

https://github.com/zapier/zapier-platform-example-app-session-auth - zapier init . --template=session-auth

Babel Example App

https://github.com/zapier/zapier-platform-example-app-babel - zapier init . --template=babel

REST Hooks Example App

https://github.com/zapier/zapier-platform-example-app-rest-hooks - zapier init . --template=rest-hooks

Files Example App

https://github.com/zapier/zapier-platform-example-app-files - zapier init . --template=files

A full list can be found here.

To create a new app using one of these apps as a template, run zapier init . --template=X (where x is one of the apps listed in the above link).

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