Nodejs module for stripping html tags
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#Simple HTML tags stripping library


via npm:

npm install htmlstrip-native

from source Build Status :

git clone git://
cd node-htmlstrip-native
npm install



var html_strip = require('htmlstrip-native');

var html = '<style>b {color: red;}</style>' +
					 ' Yey, <b> No more, tags</b>' +
					 '<script>document.write("Hello from Javascript")</script>';
var options = {
	include_script : false,
	include_style : false,
	compact_whitespace : true,
  include_attributes : { 'alt': true }

// Strip tags and decode HTML entities
var text = html_strip.html_strip(html,options);


// Decode HTML entities only
var no_entities = html_strip.html_entities_decode('Hello &smile;')

The html_strip function expects either a string as first argument or a 'utf-16le', encoded Buffer. The optional second argument can hold the following options:

  include_script : true, // include the content of <script> tags
  include_style : true, // include the content of <style> tags
  compact_whitespace : false // compact consecutive '\s' whitespace into single char
  include_attributes : { // include attribute values in the output
    '*':true ,  // special value, means : Include ALL attributes
    'alt': true , // include attributes named 'alt'


Same thing can be achieved really simply without native modules with htmlparser2 for example. This module is ~30 times faster than using htmlparser2.