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Windows tail program and log file analyzer.
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Please participate on this #81 which .NET version should be used in the future


LogExpert is a Windows tail program (a GUI replacement for the Unix tail command).

Summary of (most) features:

  • Tail mode
  • MDI-Interface with Tabs
  • Search function (including RegEx)
  • Bookmarks
  • A very flexible filter view and possibility to filter to tab
  • Highlighting lines via search criteria
  • Triggers (e.g. create Bookmark or execute a plugin) via search criteria
  • Columnizers: Plugins which split log lines into columns
  • Unicode support
  • log4j XML file support
  • 3rd party plugin support
  • Plugin API for more log file data sources
  • Automatical determine columnizer with given file name and content (Experimental)
  • Serilog.Formatting.Compact format support (Experimental)


Follow the Link and download the latest package. Just extract it where you want and execute the application.

Or Install via chocolatey

choco install logexpert


  • .NET 4.0


This is a continous integration build. So always the latest and greates changes. It should be stable but no promises. Can be viewed as Beta.

CI Download

How to Build

  • Clone / Fork / Download the source code
  • Open the Solution (src/LogExpert.sln) with Visual Studio 2017 (e.g. Community Edition)
  • Restore Nuget Packages on Solution
  • Build
  • The output is under bin/(Debug/Release)/ Requirements

  • Chocolatey must be installed

Pull Request

  • Use Development branch as target

FAQ / HELP / Informations / Examples

Please checkout the wiki for FAQ / HELP / Informations / Examples

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