Instant font size adjustment with control – / control +
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Plugins manipulating UI (like this one) are not supported by Xcode 8

UPDATE: to avoid conflict with Interface Builder hotkeys are changed to Control - and Control +.

Customizing shortcuts

  1. Open Keyboard Shortcuts in System
  2. Click "+" under "App Shortcuts"
  3. Choose
  4. Type "Increase" under Menu Title
  5. Type in desired hotkey, for example ⌘ = for command + plus
  6. Click "Add"
  7. Repeat 2 - 6 for "Decrease" menu title

screen shot 2016-06-10 at 10 32 32 pm Thanks @agentk for the idea!



A simple plugin for Xcode to adjust font size without going into SettingsFonts & Colors and changing each source type.

Simply hit ⌃ = or ⌃ - and all fonts will be adjusted. Plugin respects different font sizes per each syntax type.

NOTE keep in mind that it modifies the current theme file.


Install via Alcatraz.


Clone this repo, Build and restart Xcode.


If you do not see the plugin menu anymore, most likely it means that you;ve updated Xcode and have an old version of the plugin. Simply re-install the plugin through Alcatraz or by cloning and building the repository.

If it didn't help, please open an issue.