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iOS client for Crashlytics
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CrashManager Tests

Hey There

Issues Managers for Crashlytics: inspect and modify your issue on the go!

  • Full issue details: logs & custom keys
  • Thread stack & Exception details
  • Close and reopen your issues

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1.0.1 (26)

  • Added exception information in the issue details view controller
  • Added issue impact level indicator
  • Optimizing issues filtering. Temporary disabled time range: will be back in the next update
  • Added Cancel button for the filters, replaced "Filter" button with Done button
  • Added Russian localization for settings bundle
  • Fixed visual bug when issue title would be clipped from the bottom
  • Fixed 'issue link detected' alert appearing too often
  • Updated sort order for applications: name, bundle id, impacted devices count
  • Added missing tint color for the application
  • Added Google Analytics screen tracking + opt-out in
  • Removed Appsee for being cheeky by concealing crash reports and asking money to see it

1.0.2 (27)

  • Fixed an embarrassing Core Data-related crash for update ding users
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