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Welcome to the fortune-controls wiki!

Fortune motor is a powerful high resolution solution for robotics and mechanical applications. The kit contains 6.5 inch wheel and controller.

The outstanding feature of this wheel is a build-in incremental encoder with 3840 counts per revolution (CPR). So it does not require external shafts or external encoders.

All of the sensor management and position control is handled by the micro-controller in controller unit. This distributed approach leaves your main controller free to perform other functions.

Each controller has the ability to track its speed, temperature, wheel position, voltage, and load. Implemented PID control algorithm is used to maintain shaft position and can be adjusted individually for each wheel, enabling to control the speed and torque.

To achieve industrial standards RS485 is used for communication. It's rather simple and can be easily controlled by arduino or raspberry pi but also strong enough for high-noise environment.

There are 3 different algorithms to control the wheel:

  1. PWM (standard control for brushed DC motors)
  2. Angle PID (standard control for industrial servo motors from CNC machines)
  3. Speed PID

To start:

  1. Configure modbus id
  2. Write you own json config or take present.
  3. Start with an example code and enjoy it!

Intro is divided into parts:

  1. Electrical connection
  2. Utils/tools
  3. Using python lib for control
  4. Explore an example
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