icon pack flat with light colors
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Zafiro icons

Minimalist icons created with the flat-desing technique, utilizing washed out colors and always accompanied by white. The priority is simplicity.

If you find any missing application icons, please report them to me. At the moment I only accept reports of icons of missing applications, I am aware that icons in the other categories are still missing.


If you like my job and you want to help me, invite me to a cafe. Here is a link so you can donate through PayPal if you wish: donate

Download and testing

  • For testing you can clone the repository or download directly. Clone using your terminal.

  • In a Terminal run: git clone https://github.com/zayronxio/Zafiro-icons.git

Installing the icons

  • Move the folder of icons to ~/.local/share/icons (in user mode) or /usr/share/icons (in root mode).

  • The icon theme will be in the Settings for select