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Zebra (née AUPM) is a Package Manager for jailbroken iOS devices. It is built to support iOS 9 up to iOS 14 and for iPhones and iPads alike.


From an APT Repo

Zebra is available from Zebra's APT repo for iOS located at

This source can be added to any package manager on your iPhone or iPad, and it is included by default with Zebra to provide future updates.

Zebra also has a beta repository that contains builds for beta testers to try out new features and report potential problems you can add Zebra's beta APT repo for iOS located at

Pre-compiled debs

Pre-compiled debs are available via GitHub releases if that is your fancy.

Using Xcode & theos

If you want to compile Zebra yourself, you can use the following steps. A computer running macOS is required and must have Xcode installed.

  1. Clone this repository using git clone --recursive
  2. cd into the Zebra folder
  3. (One time only)
    • Install xcpretty if you haven't already via sudo gem install xcpretty
    • Install fakeroot if you haven't already via brew install fakeroot
  4. run make do (If you don't have theos already installed on your computer, follow the steps located here)
  5. Done!

Bug Reports

The best way to report a bug with Zebra is to open an issue here.

Fill out the required fields to the best of your ability in order to have a better chance of getting your issue fixed.

I may require some additional information in order to isolate the issue in question and may ask for your response. Your help is appreciated.

You must create a GitHub account to create an issue. If you do not have one, it is free to create one by signing up, or you can email me your bug report from within Zebra.

Feature Requests

Feature requests are welcome as well and are also tracked through GitHub issues here.

Fill out the required fields to the best of your ability (mockups, screenshots, descriptions, etc.).

You must create a GitHub account to create an issue. If you do not have one, it is free to create one by signing, up or you can email me your feature request from within Zebra.

Pull Requests

Pull requests to fix bugs, add new features, and fix awful code (I'm sure there is a lot) are also very welcome, and I'm happy to work with you in order to get your PR into Zebra.


Zebra supports localization, but help is needed in order to translate Zebra!

If you are familiar with a language that is not currently supported by Zebra (you can check out a list of currently supported languages on Crowdin), you can help us out by translating Zebra into your language.

The easiest and preferred method is by using Crowdin.

  • If you want to add support for a new language to Zebra. First, file an issue here and tell us for which language you'd like to add support. Once we add it to Crowdin, you can start translating strings at
  • If you want to update a language already in Zebra and correct some issues, head over to, select your language, and update the new translations.

If there is a language that has an inaccurate translation that is already supported by Zebra, you can head over to CrowdIn and edit the string that has an issue directly from there. It will have to be re-approved in order for inclusion in Zebra.

New strings may be added in future Zebra versions from time to time, so it is important to keep a lookout for modified strings!