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The `sfFacebookSliderPlugin` is an interface to facebook facepile. It easily add 'facebook' slider component to the project


This plugin for symfony 1.3/1.4. Facebook.com requires app registration on it's site to get app id. 
More info at [https://developers.facebook.com/apps]


1 - Install the plugin.

The easiest way to install `sfFacebookSlider` is to use the symfony command line:

    > php symfony plugin:install sfFacebookSlider

Prefered method is to use github. Lastest commits are always there

    > git clone https://github.com/zdanozdan/sfFacebookSliderPlugin

However recommended method is to fork the latest package from my git hub [https://github.com/zdanozdan/sfFacebookSlider]

2 - Register app on facebook.com and get key, and href forum parameters.

3 - Configure app.yml

  >  facebook_slider:
  >    app_id:               my app id from facebook
  >    data_href:            href to facebook app

Those 2 are required to put in user app.yml config. Plugin however have more params to config in plugin/config directory and they can be user do further configure the plugin but they have default values

      >  facebook_slider:
        >   class: fb-like-box 
        >   style: background-color:white 
        >   data_width: 190 
        >   data_height: 380
        >   data_show_faces: "true"
        >   data_colorscheme: white
        >   data_stream: "false"
        >   data_header: "true"

4 - Clear the cache to enable the autoloading to find the new classes:

    > php symfony cc

5 - Use helper to display javascript

Add js and css to view.yml

   > stylesheets:    [/sfFacebookSliderPlugin/css/facebook.css ]
   > javascripts:    [/sfFacebookSliderPlugin/js/slider.js ]

In the template you can use sfFacebookSliderHelper do bind popup

   >  php use_helper('FacebookSlider'); 
   >  php echo add_facebook_slider_js($sf_user->getCulture()) 
   >  php echo render_facebook_slider()

This should be added before </body> element so probably the best place would be layout.php (and every layout you want to display user voice feedback

     > <body>
     > HTML code here
     > <p>this is apps/frontend/templates/layout.php</p>
     >  <?php use_helper('FacebookSlider'); ?>
     >  <?php echo add_facebook_slider_js($sf_user->getCulture()) ?>
     >  <?php echo render_facebook_slider() ?>
     > </body>

Culture should be in form 'en_US'. If you have symfony culture in form 'en' you can baypass that using second param

     >  <?php echo add_facebook_slider_js($sf_user->getCulture(),'US') ?>

* add some testing