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Open Drug Database for Switzerland. See the live version at http://ch.oddb.org


  • Some email-Addresses are still hardcoded. That needs to be fixed and placed into etc/oddb.yml
  • If you install oddb.org via gem please also see these instructions.


  • see Guide.txt


  • to run the Tests you need to do

    • bundle install
    • rake test
    • look at the index.html in the coverage directory
  • There are some Selenium/Watir based GUI integration tests. For details on how to use them have a look at tests_watir.textile

  • There is test/wrk_performance.lua allows a stress test with a typical load. See test/wrk_performance.lua for details on howto run it

Local Documentation

  • To build your local documentation do:
    • rdoc1.9 --op documentation


  • sudo gem install oddb.org


French Translation Help



  • GPLv3.0

Dojo Toolkit

  • Licensed under the MIT license ** doc/resources/javascript/qrcode.js


The word "QR Code" is registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED


For Issues please open one on Github.