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Zeebe worker for DMN decision evaluation
Java Shell
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A Zeebe worker to evaluate DMN decisions (i.e. business rule tasks). It uses the Camunda DMN engine for evaluation and a local directory to read the decisions from.


Example BPMN with service task:

<bpmn:serviceTask id="decisionTask" name="Eval DMN decision">
    <zeebe:taskDefinition type="DMN" />
      <zeebe:header key="decisionRef" value="dish-decision" />
      <zeebe:output source="$.result" target="$.decisionResult" />
  • the worker is registered for the type DMN
  • required custom headers:
    • decisionRef - the id of the decision to evaluate
  • the result of the evaluation is passed as result variable


  1. Download the JAR file

  2. Execute the JAR file via

    java -jar target/zeebe-dmn-worker-{VERSION}.jar


The connection can be changed by setting the environment variables:

  • dmn.repo (default: dmn-repo)
  • (default:

Build from Source

Build with Maven

mvn clean install

Code of Conduct

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