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0xxon Rename a few packages from Bro to Zeek Dec 13, 2018
activecm Add Bro MongoDB logging writer package Mar 13, 2018
apache Add metron-bro-plugin-kafka package Nov 18, 2017
bricata Added bricata Oct 12, 2018
bro Added the official Bro NETMAP plugin Sep 29, 2017
corelight Add the Corelight QUIC protocol analyzer/detector Jun 8, 2018
dopheide Updating for new QUIC analzyer package. Oct 16, 2017
dovehawk added dovehawk package Aug 28, 2018
endace Add endace/bro-dag package May 9, 2018
esnet Merge branch 'master' of Nov 12, 2018
fatemabw Create bro-pkg.index Oct 6, 2017
hhzzk Add new package for detecting DNS Tunnels attack Jun 23, 2017
hosom Update bro-pkg.index Dec 13, 2018
initconf new bro package for ftp bruteforce Mar 23, 2018
irtimmer Add af_xdp plugin Oct 8, 2018
j-gras Added fuzzy-hashing plugin. Oct 11, 2018
joesecurity add joesecurity package Jun 26, 2017
jonzeolla Update bro-pkg.index format, prep for metadata aggregation. Nov 24, 2016
jsiwek Add bitcoin mining detection package Jan 23, 2018
jswaro jswaro/tcprs: Added index file for TCPRS Feb 20, 2017
klehigh Create bro-pkg.index Dec 20, 2017
mitrecnd Add mitrecnd package index Apr 17, 2018
ncsa Add bro-zeromq-writer package Feb 8, 2018
ntop Added pf_ring Sep 25, 2018
pgaulon Create bro-pkg.index Mar 17, 2017
reservoirlabs Added package index file for reservoirlabs with the FIX (ASCII / bina… Apr 6, 2018
salesforce Update bro-pkg.index Oct 3, 2018
scebro Created package index for LDAP analyzer Jun 20, 2017
sethhall Removed brainfuck package May 30, 2018
srozb Add srozb/http-csp package May 22, 2018
tenzir Add bro-vast package Oct 1, 2018
theflakes Update bro-pkg.index format, prep for metadata aggregation. Nov 24, 2016
vitalyrepin Added bro User Agent Parser plugin based on the Browserscope's user a… Feb 15, 2018
README.rst Update bro-pkg.index format, prep for metadata aggregation. Nov 24, 2016
aggregate.meta Update aggregate metadata. Dec 13, 2018


Bro Package Source

This is the default package source for the Bro Package Manager.

Package Submission Process

Use the following process to submit packages (please only submit your own work/packages):

  1. Create a Bro package. Make sure to set the tags and description metadata fields to help people discover your package.
  2. Host your package's git repository at a public location. E.g. put it on GitHub.
  3. Fork this bro/packages repository on GitHub.
  4. Create a directory within your fork that with a name that uniquely identifies you. E.g. if you're hosting packages on GitHub, name the directory the same as your GitHub username. If you're hosting it somewhere else, you could use a domain name or organization name for the directory.
  5. Put a package index file within the directory you just made.
  6. Commit/push the changes you made to your fork.
  7. Submit a pull request.