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Zeek Package Source

This is the default package source for the Zeek Package Manager.

Package Submission Process

Use the following process to submit packages (please only submit your own work/packages):

  1. Create a Zeek package. Make sure to set the tags and description metadata fields to help people discover your package. Also make sure you put your the license information for your package in a COPYING or LICENSE file.
  2. Host your package's git repository at a public location. E.g. put it on GitHub.
  3. Fork this zeek/packages repository on GitHub.
  4. Create a directory within your fork that with a name that uniquely identifies you. E.g. if you're hosting packages on GitHub, name the directory the same as your GitHub username. If you're hosting it somewhere else, you could use a domain name or organization name for the directory.
  5. Put a package index file within the directory you just made.
  6. Commit/push the changes you made to your fork.
  7. Submit a pull request.