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Snowman Builder Extreme

"The best European low-budget PSX game of 1996" — The Virtual Herald

What would have happened if a very small group on a budget in 1996 cranked out a quick PSX title on such a small timescale and without artists but with the internet and browser capabilities of 2015?

Snowman Builder Extreme

Play Online Now or Play smaller edition.

A game where the premise is that the best way to make a snowman is to kick it down a slope littered with snowman adornments and let fate handle the rest. You can help fate a bit by pressing the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to steer the snowball around a bit, but it moves forward by itself.

It features a free Ska-ish song by good old Kevin MacLeod. Why Ska? The 90s! That's why. The whole experience of this game is an homage to 90s 3D games.

It even works on some mobile devices, where you can tilt the device to steer, verified to work on iPhones 5s and up and on a few Android phones.

There are 16 titles to be gained by picking up certain numbers of certain adornments and/or being really fast. Be sure to collect 'em all!

This was my Jam entry for the 34th Ludum Dare competition, it was developed in 3 days.

Uses my Stardazed TX 3D game framework.


Snowman Builder Extreme - Ludum Dare 34 Entry



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