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Bob (the Builder)

BOB (the builder) was written becaus I wanted to experience writing an open source application. BigTuna recently came out which is a great CI as well, and I liked many of the things they had done. Some of that can also be seen here in BOB but slightly different. We have now switched to BOB at work and it is running builds on 3 different applications conistently, with no issues.

Currently this code is being used but is in its very early stages. I would consider this a working alpha. As soon as I let BOB run for a couple weeks I will release it as a production release once I am certain major bugs are not in the code.

Ruby Compatability

Currently the code is tested on REE 1.8.7(-head) && Ruby 1.9.2-head

In the works

I am currently working on better management for the builds & build steps. Including multiple builds & build steps per project to organize your builds a little better. I am also working on a hook system to allow for more flexibility at each step of the build process.


I want to thank the guys who wrote BigTuna, CIJoe, Signal, Integrity etc., because not only did you guys inspire me to write my own, but looking through your code taught me a lot. I still have a lot more to learn but it was a great learning experience for me.


  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Modify config/mongoid.yml to your liking. (Make sure to set Environment vars for production user, pass, host, database name.
  3. Copy config/app_config.yml.sample & config/mongoid.yml.sample to config/app_config.yml and config/mongoid.yml and modify to setup your domains.
  4. Set up your nginx, apache, thin etc. server for the CI codebase.
  5. Run rake db:seed to setup the default admin user (admin@test.com / 123456)
  6. Run delayed job. RAILS_ENV=production script/delayed_job -n 2 start

From here just go into the web interface and add a new project. You can create as many build steps as you wish and keep each step organized a little nicer.


To use RVM in your build steps simply do something like the following: source /home/user/.rvm/environments/ruby@gemset


If for whatever reason you need to run some commands but don't want them to show up in your build steps, you can add them to a .bobrc file and it will be automatically sourced.


Right now the only notifications BOB offers is Campfire although more will be added frequently. Being that we use this tool at work, in a real environment you can bet that changes to the code will come frequently as we encounter bugs.


Right now you can send post-commit hooks from GitHub to BOB. You can post to http://example.com/service/:project_id/github


At the moment Git is the only SCM supported but we also use mercurial at work, so expect it to be supported in the very near future.


See more at: BOB the Builder post with Screenshots