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Auto-deployment scripts for Zenoss Core 4
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Auto-deployment scripts for Zenoss Core 4 on CentOS 5/6.x or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5/6.x. A 64-bit build is required. Version 6.x of RHEL or CentOS is recommended.

The script included in this directory will automatically deploy Zenoss Core 4 for you. It will download Java, MySQL, Zenoss Core 4, all RPM dependencies, and install everything including the Zenoss Core ZenPacks. To use, perform the following steps on a fresh CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation:

# cd /tmp
# chmod +x
# ./

The script will take several minutes (around 10-30) to complete. When done, you should have a fully functioning Zenoss Core install and should be able to visit the following URL in a Web browser to perform additional configuration:

http://<IP of server>:8080


The script will auto-detect the current version of MySQL 5.5 Community and install it.


Thanks to David Petzel for writing the original Core 4 beta auto-deploy script, which was part of zenoss_zca_utils.

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