An institutional/enterprise-scale distributed real-time messaging and notification system
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This is version @VERSION@ of the Project Athena Zephyr
notification system.

Zephyr allows users to send messages to other users or to groups of
users.  Users can view incoming Zephyr messages as windowgrams
(transient X windows) or as text on a terminal. Zephyr can optionally
make use of the Kerberos version 4 security library or the Hesiod
service name resolution library.

Bug reports or patches should go to  Please do not
send questions about snapshots; they are not supported.

To find out how to configure, build, and install Zephyr, read the file

To find out how to operate a Zephyr service, read the file OPERATING.

To find out how to use an existing Zephyr service, read the file

Please read the file NOTES before making any modifications to the
source tree.

--Karl Ramm