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sanitycheck: show handler_time in -v output (qemu 2.032s)

We already have the info so let's show it. This helps spots intermittent
issues[*], gives an indication of the time --build-only saves, can help
spot an overloaded test system, highlights the most time-consuming tests
which may need a longer timeout in their config, shows the effective
timeout value when one occurs... all this for a dirt cheap screen estate
price and two extra lines of code.

Sample -v output:

32/81 board123  tests/testme              PASSED (qemu 2.049s)
33/81 board456  samples/hello             PASSED (build)
34/81 qemu_x3   tests/kernel.stack.usage  FAILED: timeout (qemu 60.029s)
     see: sanity-out/qemu_x3/tests/kernel.stack.usage/handler.log
35/81 board456  tests/testme              PASSED (build)
36/81 qemu_x5   tests/kernel.queue        FAILED: failed (qemu 2.191s)
     see: sanity-out/qemu_x5/tests/kernel.queue/handler.log

[*] running qemu in heavily packed cloud virtual machines comes to mind,
    also see #12553, #14173 etc.

Signed-off-by: Marc Herbert <>
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marc-hb authored and nashif committed Jun 20, 2019
1 parent 58e05dd commit 35dc96399c230fd1cbf96041810c5ee3b6be55f5
Showing with 3 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +3 −0 scripts/sanitycheck
@@ -3094,6 +3094,9 @@ def chatty_test_cb(instances, goals, goal):

if goal.handler:
handler_type = goal.handler.type_str
htime = goal.metrics.get("handler_time", None)
if htime:
handler_type += " {:.3f}s".format(htime)
handler_type = "build"

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