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drivers: interrupts: Add a set_priority callback

Provide a path for irq controller drivers to change properties of an
individual irq using priority and flags fields that come from the device

Signed-off-by: Bradley Bolen <>
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Bradley Bolen authored and ioannisg committed Aug 14, 2018
1 parent 07f9e8b commit b34b00d6ec82c7e825675c2b8ca28291de14db68
Showing with 25 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +25 −0 include/irq_nextlevel.h
@@ -23,11 +23,14 @@ extern "C" {
typedef void (*irq_next_level_func_t)(struct device *dev, unsigned int irq);
typedef unsigned int (*irq_next_level_get_state_t)(struct device *dev);
typedef void (*irq_next_level_priority_t)(struct device *dev,
unsigned int irq, unsigned int prio, u32_t flags);

struct irq_next_level_api {
irq_next_level_func_t intr_enable;
irq_next_level_func_t intr_disable;
irq_next_level_get_state_t intr_get_state;
irq_next_level_priority_t intr_set_priority;
* @endcond
@@ -84,6 +87,28 @@ static inline unsigned int irq_is_enabled_next_level(struct device *dev)
return api->intr_get_state(dev);

* @brief Set IRQ priority.
* This routine indicates if any interrupts are enabled in the interrupt
* controller.
* @param dev Pointer to the device structure for the driver instance.
* @param irq IRQ to be disabled.
* @param prio priority for irq in the interrupt controller.
* @param flags controller specific flags.
* @return N/A
static inline void irq_set_priority_next_level(struct device *dev, u32_t irq,
u32_t prio, u32_t flags)
const struct irq_next_level_api *api = dev->driver_api;

if (api->intr_set_priority)
api->intr_set_priority(dev, irq, prio, flags);

* @}

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