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CODEOWNERS: add code-owner for Arduino Due

Assigning code-owner for Arduino Due board.

Signed-off-by: Ioannis Glaropoulos <>
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ioannisg authored and nashif committed Mar 14, 2019
1 parent 09dc929 commit cebc26274fcabd5fe58e9571f7fa0c7e9f225f64
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@@ -47,6 +47,7 @@
/boards/arm/96b_nitrogen/ @idlethread
/boards/arm/96b_neonkey/ @Mani-Sadhasivam
/boards/arm/96b_stm32_sensor_mez/ @Mani-Sadhasivam
/boards/arm/arduino_due/ @ioannisg
/boards/arm/cc3220sf_launchxl/ @vanti
/boards/arm/curie_ble/ @jhedberg
/boards/arm/disco_l475_iot1/ @erwango

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