A gem exposing cgimap functionality to Ruby.
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A gem exposing cgimap functionality to Ruby.


This is still very much work in progress, and probably doesn't even work. Please proceed with caution and report any issues you find.


First, you will need cgimap, at least commit e7dff10 (anything after 2015-06-22 should be okay). The README there should explain installing it, and it's basically just your usual ./configure && make && make install GNU autotools thing.

Next, you will need Ruby. I prefer to use rbenv to manage my (user) Ruby installation, and I have not tested this installation with a system-installed Ruby. You'll also need Bundler. If you don't already have this then you can probably install it by running:

gem install bundler

If that doesn't work, please check the Bundler instructions for your OS. You should then be able to install the necessary gems with:

bundle install

Which might take some time. At the end of that, you should be able to compile the gem:

bundle exec rake compile

Or, if you installed cgimap in $CGIMAP_DIR:

bundle exec rake compile -- --with-cgimap-include=$CGIMAP_DIR/include \

If you haven't installed cgimap, and just have compiled sources in a checked-out directory:

bundle exec rake compile -- --with-cgimap-include=$CGIMAP_DIR/include \

I haven't yet got to the point of being able to install this as a gem, but you can play with it in Ruby by running this in irb:

require 'cgimap'

And you can run the tests with:

bundle exec rake test

Example server

As a toy or example, and useful while developing, there's an example server in the example/ directory. This starts up WEBrick and uses CGImap to serve requests. For example, to start the server:

cd example
bundle exec ruby server.rb

And, in another terminal:

curl -v http://localhost:8000/api/0.6/map?bbox=0,0,0,0

Or other API calls. These should return the standard set of headers and XML or JSON documents.