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code_reference forgot to toLower() url slug for internal links so some indexes were … Oct 18, 2018
getting_started Create features.markdown Oct 31, 2018
zero_editor_documentation Update launcher.markdown Apr 22, 2019
zero_for_educators last link fix had typo Oct 18, 2018
zero_source_documentation last link fix had typo Oct 18, 2018
.gitignore Translation scripts are in… Oct 18, 2018
LICENSE Initial commit Sep 28, 2018 std download link https seems to be having issues Apr 22, 2019
code_reference.markdown last link fix had typo Oct 18, 2018
getting_started.markdown Update getting_started.markdown Apr 22, 2019
zero_for_educators.markdown last link fix had typo Oct 18, 2018
zero_source_documentation.markdown forgot to switch our repo link to production repo instead of my priva… Oct 18, 2018

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