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FFProbe Bitrate Graph
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FFProbe Bitrate Graph

This project contains a script for plotting the bitrate of an audio or video stream over time. To get the frame bitrate data ffprobe is used from the ffmpeg package. The ffprobe data is streamed to python as xml frame metadata and sorted by frame type. Matplotlib is used to plot each frame type on the same graph with lines for the peak and mean bitrates. The resulting bitrate graph can be saved as an image. Variable framerate streams are not currently accurately calculated.


  • Python 3.x
  • FFMpeg >= 1.2 with the ffprobe command
  • Matplotlib python 3 library

Usage Examples

Show video stream bitrate in a window

./ input.mkv

Save video stream bitrate to an SVG file

./ -o output.svg input.mkv

Show audio stream bitrate in a window

./ -s audio input.mkv
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