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HQPlayer remote control solution using local webserver and browser


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HQPWV is a local webserver that allows you to remotely control HQPlayer from any device on your network using a web browser.

End-user installation instructions

Discussion thread on audiophilestyle

Demo video: Demo video

Development setup

  1. cd to the project directory.

  2. Make sure Node.js is installed. Then enter: npm install.

  3. To modify the css, make sure sass is installed. Then compile with: sass scss/main.scss www/css/main.css If simply trying to run the project, this step can be skipped, as the compiled css is included in the repository.

  4. Make sure HQPlayer 4 is running.

  5. Start the server: node server/server.js

  6. Browse to the locally served webpage as directed.

Executables are generated with pkg by simply entering: pkg .

Front-end code consists of untranspiled, vanilla ES6 classes.