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🔠 A faux select box for Ember apps
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Select box solutions are rarely perfect for what you want.

They come with a myriad of options to configure every possible situation, and they make too many assumptions about how your select-box should behave.

This addon does less, and gives you the primitives to easily compose your own.


ember install @zestia/ember-select-box



  • Native select box (that supports complex values) ✔︎
  • Faux select box (mimics a native select box, but easily stylable) ✔︎
  • Navigatable options and groups ✔︎
  • ARIA Attributes ✔︎
  • Supports promises ✔︎
  • Any HTML you want ✔︎
  • Fully themeable using namespaced classes ✔︎
  • Customisable class names ✔︎
  • Will never come with built-in styles ✔︎
  • Ember Data friendly ✔︎
  • Does not use jQuery ✔︎
  • Easily create an autocompleter ✔︎
  • Easily create a dropdown menu ✔︎
  • Full control at all times with the API ✔︎
  • 'Jump-to option' behaviour based on keyboard input ✔︎
  • Very few issues over many years of Ember! ✔︎


To create your own select box, make a new component that renders a select box:

{{! foo-select.hbs }}
  @classNamePrefix="foo-select" as |sb|
  <sb.SelectedOption {{on "click" sb.toggle}}>
    {{yield sb}}

...and then use it like this:

{{! application.hbs }}
  @onSelect={{this.selectFoo}} as |sb|
  {{#each this.foos as |foo|}}
    <sb.Option @value={{foo}}>{{}}</sb.Option>

...which will render...

<div class="foo-select">
  <div class="foo-select__selected-option">Foo</div>
  <div class="foo-select__options">
    <div class="foo-select__option">Foo</div>
    <div class="foo-select__option foo-select__option--selected">Bar</div>
    <div class="foo-select__option">Baz</div>
</div> you can see, apart from being able to select a value - this addon does very little out of the box! It's up to you to add the layer of behaviour that you require using the API.


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