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Quick and dirty debugging output for tired programmers.
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Quick and dirty debugging output for tired programmers.

Install q with "easy_install -U q" or "pip install -U q".

All output goes to /tmp/q, which you can watch with this shell command::

tail -f /tmp/q

If TMPDIR is set, the output goes to $TMPDIR/q.

To print the value of foo, insert this into your program::

import q; q(foo)

To print the value of something in the middle of an expression, insert "q()", "q/", or "q|". For example, given this statement::

file.write(prefix + (sep or '').join(items)) can print out various values without using any temporary variables::

file.write(prefix + q(sep or '').join(items))  # prints (sep or '')
file.write(q/prefix + (sep or '').join(items))  # prints prefix
file.write(q|prefix + (sep or '').join(items))  # prints the arg to write

To trace a function's arguments and return value, insert this above the def::

import q

To start an interactive console at any point in your code, call q.d()::

import q; q.d()
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