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Example of Zetta.js being deployed to a Hub
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Zetta Deployed to

Example project for deploying Zetta using

The best part about this project is that it looks almost identical to any other Zetta repo because uses standard dev tools for deploying.

Getting it Up and Running

Head over to and setup and account and follow the instructions for creating a new application on either a Beaglebone Black or Raspberry Pi and get your image installed on the device.

Once you've created the project add a remote Zetta cloud env variable to the project using the Resin UI. Eg. ZETTA_CLOUD =

Clone this repo and run git remote add resin <repo> with your project's Resin git repo. Then run the git push resin master and watch it deploy.

Once everything is online you can check the api response for and find your devices Resin ID in the API response. Or use the Zetta Browser to navigate the API.



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