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ZuriHac registration system
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This application needs to be compiled on two different platforms:

  1. Your machine, to be able to run the export and mail tools.

    You can use make build to perform this build.

  2. Amazon Linux, so we can run a binary on AWS Lambda.

    We use docker for this purpose so the binary gets linked to the right versions of the different C libraries.

    In order to build a docker container, use make docker. This will drop you into a bash shell inside the container. From there, you can use make build to compile the project, and make lambda to create a zip file that can run on AWS Lambda.


Use make deploy to deploy the CloudFormation stack. This will drop the zip file you created using make lambda into an S3 bucket, from where it will be accessed by AWS Lambda. To select a non-default AWS account, use make deploy AWS_PROFILE=<profile>, where <profile> is the profile's name in the AWS credentials file.


The deployment is designed to fit into the free tier of AWS as much as possible. There are some DynamoDB tables, the Lambda function, and an API Gateway connecting the Lambda to the outside workd.


We use ReCaptcha to protect against bot registrations. Your secret key goes into deploy/recaptcha, and this gets embedded into the Haskell binary (a bit ugly, I know).



This exports all attendees to a JSON file. Usage:

stack exec zureg-export export.json


This emails all attendees using a mustache template. Usage:

stack exec zureg-email export.json template.txt statefile subject

statefile is any file where we can write emails to that have already been sent -- this way we can make sure no double emails are sent if when there are any issues if the program is killed our the SES API is being weird while sending.

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