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zfsnap website

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This is the repository to generate the zfsnap website. The code and docs are kept in the "site-code" branch. The html generated is copied and committed to the master branch. Any static content in the master branch is graciously hosted by GitHub Pages.

Documentation is written as HTML fragments and are cated into the rest of the page's HTML.

Patches are always welcome.

How to use

Pages are located in the "content/" folder and should be named <page_name>.fragment.

Everything in "static/" is copied directly to the generated site.

See make help for available building options.

Building the manpage HTML

make manpage (which converts the manpage to HTML) requires mandoc. As far as I am aware, mandoc is only available on BSD systems. It would be nice to use a more common/portable solution, but groff's output is truly terrible. mandoc was the only way I could generate legible output.

The manpage in this repository is a symlink to ../zfsnap/man/man8/zfsnap.8 It's suboptimal, but I found it to be better than including the entire zfsnap repo as a submodule.