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Latest commit 00de7b2 Feb 17, 2011 @behlendorf behlendorf Add Linux:ZFS compatibility
The ZFS port on Linux behaves just like ext3 for certain tests.
This really has the most to do with Linux VFS and not the ZFS
backend implementation.  Since we expect ext3-like behavior
due to the VFS add a Linux:ZFS case to ensure these are not
marked as failures.
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tests Add Linux:ZFS compatibility Feb 17, 2011
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$FreeBSD: src/tools/regression/fstest/README,v 1.1 2007/01/28 00:10:28 pjd Exp $

Few notes on how to use fstest in short steps:

	# cd fstest
	# vi tests/conf
	Change 'fs' to file system type you want to test. These can be:
	UFS, ZFS, ext3, ntfs-3g and xfs.
	# vi Makefile
	You may need to manually tweak few things by editing CFLAGS lines
	at the top of the file.
	# make
	It will compile fstest utility which is used by regression tests.
	# cd /path/to/file/system/you/want/to/test/
	The test must be run as root user.
	# prove -r /path/to/fstest/

That's all. Enjoy.

Currently supported operating systems: FreeBSD, Solaris, Linux.
Currently supported file system types: UFS, ZFS, ext3, ntfs-3g, xfs.

Pawel Jakub Dawidek <>

Linux port:
Jean-Pierre Andre <>
Szabolcs Szakacsits <>
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