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This repository contains a collection of ZFS pools which are intended to be used as reference images. The goal is to ensure that there are representative samples from all the major ZFS implementations. It is also desirable that these images encompase the myriad of optional states in which a pool can exist.

Each of the images described below is maintained as a compressed tarball which includes the vdevs needed to describe a pool. When contributing a new image care should be taken to minimize its size. Effective techniques for minimizing the image include sparse files for vdevs, writing highly compressible data patterns, and using the 'tar --sparse' and 'bzip2 --best' options. Finally, each new image must be briefly described in this file.

Name Description
zol-0.6.1 Created with ZoL v0.6.1
The pool was created with all default settings and
populated with a few hundred files and directories.
It includes a snapshot and clone of the filesystem
which has been modified from the original. The pool
has been scrubbed once and was cleanly exported.
zol-0.6.2 Created with ZoL v0.6.2
This pool was created in same way as the zol-0.6.1
pool described above.
zol-0.6.2-173 Created with ZoL zfs-0.6.2-173-g881f45c
Pools which have been imported with this version of
ZoL and scrubbed or resilvered cannot be imported by
older versions of ZFS. This was accidentally caused
by and
this pool was created for future reference. New ZoL
versions must be able to import the pool and fix it.
It was created the same was as the zol-0.6.1 pool.
zevo-1.1.1 Created with ZEVO v1.1.1
This pool was created to illustrate differences in
the on disk format of a ZEVO pool. In particular,
describes how neither an "external ACL" (ZNODE_ACL)
nor a new-style DACL_ACES SA are created. One of
these is required by all other ZFS implementations.
bptree_obj-zol-0.6.2 Created with ZoL v0.6.2
This pool was created to illustrate one of the many
states in which a valid exported pool may exist.
It contains the optional "bptree_obj" entry in the
MOS object directory which points to an object of
type DMU_OTN_UINT64_METADATA containing a pair of
bptree_entry_phys_t entries; one for each of a
pair of filesystems for which a deferred destroy is
pending. Although ZoL 0.6.2 was used to create this
pool, it was custom-modified to not process the
deferred destroy list in order to create this pool
cleanly. The pool's name is "tank" and it contained
a pair of filesystemes, "tank/fs1" and "tank/fs2",
each of which contained a single small file. The
deferred destroy object and its object's data were
created by destroying both of these filesystems.
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