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Martin's HTTP package: It's not a "framework", but just a collection of functions for building HTTP services.

Honestly, I'm not sure how useful this will be for other people at this stage, but it's pretty useful for me.

Much of this was extracted from GoatCounter.

zhttp.Wrap() allows returning errors from HTTP endpoints:

http.HandleFunc("/bar", zhttp.Wrap(func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) error {
    d, err := getData()
    if err != nil {
        return err

    return zhttp.Text(w, "Hello, %s", d)

It's just more convenient than http.Error(...) followed by a return. The ErrFunc() will be used to report returned errors (you can override it if you need to).

Return helpers (with the http.ResponseWriter elided in the function signature):

Stream(fp io.Reader)                     Stream any data.
Bytes(b []byte)                          Send []byte
String(s string)                         Send string
Text(s string)                           Send string with Content-Type text/plain
JSON(i interface{})                      Send JSON
Template(name string, data interface{})  Render a template (see below)
MovedPermanently(url string)             301 Moved Permanently
SeeOther(url string)                     303 See Other

Templates can be rendered with the ztpl package; you have to call ztpl.Init() first with the path to load templates from, and an optional map for templates compiled in the binary.

You can use ztpl.Reload() to reload the templates from disk on changes, which is useful for development. e.g. with

ztpl.Init("tpl", pack.Templates)

go func() {
    err := reload.Do(zlog.Module("main").Debugf, reload.Dir("./tpl", ztpl.Reload))
    if err != nil {
        panic(errors.Errorf("reload.Do: %v", err))

Few other tidbits:

  • User auth can be added with zhttpAuth(), zhttp.SetAuthCookie(), and zhttp.Filter().

  • zhttp.Decode()scans forms, JSON body, or URL query parameters in to a struct. It's just a convencience wrapper around formam.

  • zhttp.NewStatic() will create a static file host.

  • zhttp.HostRoute() routes request to chi routers based on the Host header.


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