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Another Chinese Translation of Neural Networks and Deep Learning

This is another (work in progress) Chinese translation of Michael Nielsen's Neural Networks and Deep Learning, originally my learning notes of this free online book. It's written in LaTeX for better look and cross-referencing of math equations and plots. And I borrowed some finished work from

Compile the LaTeX Source Code

To compile the source code to a PDF file, please make sure you have a latest TeX system installed. You can download and install a TeX distribution for your platform from

It's recommended to install

Check out source code

Use git to clone this repository and the code samples as a sub module:

$ git clone --recursive


$ git clone
$ cd nndl
$ git submodule update --init --recursive

Prepare Fonts

Download and install these free fonts:

In most Linux distributions, these fonts can be installed with the default package manager.

Mac user could install with Homebrew:

$ brew tap caskroom/fonts
$ brew cask install font-noto-sans-cjk font-noto-serif-cjk font-source-code-pro font-source-serif-pro

Generate PDF


$ make

to typeset and generate the PDF document. Or use your favorite GUI TeX application, but choose XeLaTeX as the typeset engine to support the chinese fonts.