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n1dus (ex dOPUS)

License: GPL v3

dOPUS has been renamed n1dus. n1dus is an installer and converter of NSP and XCI files for the Nintendo Switch. It is Based on Tinfoil and 4NXCI.

DISCLAIMER: Use n1dus at your own risk. I'm not responsible for any damage, data loss, or anything else n1dus may cause.


  • File browser like interface
  • Install or "Install & Delete" NSP, XCI
  • Install an extracted NSP or XCI (NCA folder)
  • Extract NSP, XCI to a folder
  • Convert XCI to NSP
  • Can install NSP and XCI (split) files larger than 4GB on a FAT32 SD Card. No more need for exFAT :) NCA files over 4GB are now handled through a virtual file access that chunks read/write operations automatically.


  • Place n1dus.nro in /switch folder on your sd card.
  • Requires sdmc:/keys.dat in order to extract/install XCI files.

Keys can be extracted using tesnos' kezplez or shchmue's fork of kezplez. Hers supports the fuses and TSEC being dumped in multiple locations as well as also supporting firmware 6.0.


  • Launch n1dus via hbmenu.
  • Follow the on screen instructions.
  • You can install to the SD Card or NAND.
  • Required firmware version are always ignored.

Installing files over 4GB

  • Split files using either AnalogMan151 splitNSP, or my slightly modified version in tools/ (will handle both XCI and NSP file extensions, and set the archive bit for you under windows).
  • Make sure the generated folder has the right extension (XCI or NSP), and has the archive bit set ("Folder is ready for archiving" under windows).
  • The generated folder should show up under n1dus as regular NSP or XCI file.
  • Install as you would normally do with n1dus!



Thanks to...

  • SciresM
  • Adubbz
  • The-4n
  • AnalogMan151
  • mbedtls
  • Team Reswitched
  • Team Switchbrew
  • The switch community


GNU General Public License v3.0