Immutable Data Structures for Python
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FunkTown: Functional Data Structures for Python

This library implements an efficient ImmutableDict and ImmutableVector class inspired by the implementation of Vectors and Maps in the Clojure programming language.


If you are installing from the cloned repository, just use

python install

Package is also available from PyPI. In that case, use

pip install funktown

ArchLinux users can install from the AUR

yaourt -S python2-funktown 
yaourt -S python-funktown # python 3 version



The constructor takes a list of initial values. It supports standard list operations such as item access, slicing, and concatenation.

assoc(index, value)

Returns a new vector with the value assigned to the given index


Returns a new vector with the value appended to the back. Roughly equivalent to vec.assoc(len(vec), value)


Returns a new vector with the final item removed.


The constructor can take a dict and/or keyword arguments. Item access follows the same behavior as builtin python dicts.

assoc(key, value)

Returns a new immutable dict with the value associated with the given key.


Like in Python's builtin dict, this will act like item access, except returning None instead of raising a KeyError.


Return a new ImmutableDict with the item at that key removed


Return a new immutable dict updated with the records in otherdict.


Funktown has been tested with Python 2.7.2 and 3.2.2 on a Linux system. It should be compatible with all python versions greater than 2.6.