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PTrader provides a Stock Trader framework. It allows to get real time stock info from and pretty-print the results on a terminal.


Requirements: curl dev library must be installed to install curl package.

(On ubuntu: apt-get install libcurl4-gnutls-dev.)

With the usual commands to install as a user library, from the source folder:

cabal install --user

In Ubuntu, sometime the libraries fail to install as user. You can try to install the depends in global and then the ptrader as user:

sudo cabal install split==0.1.* curl==1.3.* ansi-terminal==0.5.* --global
cabal install --user

Running the example:

ghci examples/example01.hs
*Main> main

Test on:

  • Ubuntu, ghc-7.0.3, Haskell Platform 2011.4.0.0


Get current stocks

import PTrader.Portfolio
runPortfolio ownedStocks "../portfolio.db"

Add profit

import PTrader.Portfolio
import Data.Time.Calendar
runPortfolio (insertProfit (fromGregorian 2012 5 24) "FER.MC" Dividend 11.85 ) "../portfolio.db"
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