Boilerplate for getting started with Slim Framework
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Boilerplate for Slim Framework 3 Build Status Donate

Boilerplate for getting started with Slim Framework

Use this skeleton application to quickly setup and start working on a new Slim Framework 3 application. This application uses the latest Slim 3.


  • PHP 5.5 or newer
  • PDO PHP Extension


  • PHP View
  • Twig Template Engine
  • Eloquent Laravel
  • Sentinel Authentication provider
  • Include SDK Facebook
  • Logger Monolog
  • AdminLTE soon
1 Manual Install

You can manually install by cloning this repo or download the zip file from this repo, and run composer install.

$ git clone
$ composer install
2 Alternative install via composer
$ composer create-project --no-interaction --stability=dev zhiephie/boilerplate-slim3 [folder-name]
3 Setup Permission

After composer finished install the dependencies, you need to change file and folder permission.

$ chmod -R 777 storage
$ chmod 666 config/database.php
4 Configuration Database and Setting App

Configuration file located in config, edit the database.php, setting.php

5 Run php migrate
$ php migrate
6 Run Server php -S localhost:8000 -t public
$ php -S localhost:8000 -t public

That's it! Now go build something cool.