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JSMX is a simple demo of monitor & management solution with JMX
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What’s JSMX

JSMX is a simple demo of monitor & management solution with JMX, it includes:

  1. declaring mbean, which used pojo-mbean;
  2. real-time web console, which used jolokia and highcharts;
  3. integrating with ganglia , which used jmxetric;
  4. runtime dynamic trace invocation, which used asm.

How to Run Demo

  1. git clone;
  2. import it to eclipse;
  3. make sure ganglia-3.1.x has been set up(how to set up );
  4. make sure “hostname” and “port” in jsmx/demo/etc/jmxetric.xml pointed to gmond;
  5. run jsmx/demo/realtime-monitor-management-demo.launch;
    • use your web browser open jsmx/core/src/main/resourcse/dashboard.html, then you can see the real-time web console;
  6. run jsmx/demo/ganglia-demo.launch
  7. run jsmx/demo/ztrace.launch
    • run jconsole, and connect to Demo process;
    • go to MBean→jsmx;
    • click Demo→Attributes, you can see nothing show at console but loaded message;
    • invoke ProbeInstrumentor→Operations→addProbeClass: com.github.zhongl.jsmx.demo.Demo$ManagableServer;
    • invoke ProbeInstrumentor→Operations→probe;
    • click Demo→Attributes again, you can see trace log at console now;
    • invoke ProbeInstrumentor→Operations→reset;
    • click Demo→Attributes again, you can see no more trace log at console.

Enjoy it!

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