Tools and samples for understanding Apple's Metal shading language and its LLVM Bitcode shader files
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Tools for examining Apple's Metal shaders.


  • extracts .metallib files to .air files.
  • sampleshader/: contains:
    • a Metal shader from Apple's HelloTriangle project
    • the compiled metallib using Xcode 9.3's metal compiler
    • the .air files recompiled to x86_64 and arm64 assembly using LLVM 6.0.0 to show that Metal shaders are valid LLVM Bitcode and can be processed using normal LLVM tools.

Other Metal projects you might find useful


My code (, sampleshader/*.sh) is under the MIT license.

sampleshader/AAPLShaders.metal and sampleshader/AAPLShaderTypes.h are taken from Apple's HelloTriangle project. Their license can be found in sampleshader/AAPLShaders_LICENSE.txt (also MIT license)