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Zig User Map

This is the second attempt on creating a cool map where you can see the (rough) locations of all ziguanas out there!

Visit the map!


If you want to add yourself to the repo, make a PR that adds a file to the folder people. This file has to have the following format and should have ${your-nick}.json as name:

  "nick": "xq",
  "coordinates": [
  "links": {
    "Website": "",
    "GitHub": ""

Some tips:

  • You can create the file online
  • You can find your location with either OpenStreet Maps, Google Maps or your mobile phone if GPS is enabled
  • links is an object where each key will be displayed as a link with the string content as href.
  • You decide how precise you want it to be. On your room, just the right street, the center of the city, center of the country. You decide!