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Export the post and images from your tumblr blog, or post and images from your liked posts in Tumblr. Heavily inspired by, mmmmm, ripped off from tumblr-photo-export



  1. Clone the repo:

     $ git clone git@github.com:zigotica/tumblr-full-backup.git

    If you do not use Git, you can simply download the project in .zip format

  2. (Optionally) modify defaults at export.rb file: public_dir, liked_dir, image_subdir, download_num, limit

  3. Register a new app, this will allow you to fetch data from Tumblr programmatically: https://www.tumblr.com/oauth/register

  4. Copy the OAuth Consumer Key of the app, you will need it later.

  5. (Optionally) Add two keys to your bash/zsh:


Download posts, including images

  1. Go to the app directory and run [optional if performed step 5]:

     ruby export.rb posts [TUMBLR_USERNAME TUMBLR_CONSUMER_KEY]
  2. Posts and images from your Tumblr blog will be downloaded to the public_dir folder.

Download likes, including images

  1. Enable the option "Share posts you like".

  2. Go to the app directory and run [optional if performed step 5]:

     ruby export.rb likes [TUMBLR_USERNAME TUMBLR_CONSUMER_KEY]
  3. Posts and images from posts you liked will be downloaded to the liked_dir folder.


  • Refactor write to insert correct contents depending on post type
  • Manage photo sets
  • Add downloaded image info to post header
  • Create index page for posts/likes
  • Build a static site from downloaded files