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fluentd out plugin to ganglia

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Plugin to output values to Ganglia.


  • type

    • required “ganglia”

  • name_keys or name_key_pattern

    • required

    • specify key name by name_keys or regexp pattern of keys by name_key_pattern

  • add_key_prefix

    • string to add key prefix

  • host

    • host to send metric (default=

  • post

    • port of host to send metric (default=8649)

  • value_type

    • type of value

    • same as gmetric –type

  • units

    • unit of value

    • same as gemtric –units

  • group

    • metric group

    • same as gemtric –group

  • title

    • metric title

    • same as gemtric –title

  • tmax

    • maximum time in seconds between gmetric calls. (default=60)

    • same as gemtric –tmax

  • dmax

    • lifetime in seconds of this metric. (default=0)

    • same as gemtric –dmax

  • slope

    • Either zero|positive|negative|both. (default=both)

    • same as gemtric –slope

  • spoof

    • IP address and name of host/device we are spoofing. (default=nil)

    • same as gmetric –spooof

  • bind_hostname

    • whether upd_send_channel.bind_hostname is yes(true) or no(fale). (default=false)


gmond is configured with multicast

when gmond is configured with multicast and bind_hostname as below:

udp_send_channel {
    mcast_join    =
    bind_hostname = yes
    port          = 8640

you should specify mcast_join ip address to host and set bind__hostname true:

<match metrics>
  type          ganglia
  port          8649
  group         metric_group
  name_keys     metrics.field1,metrics.field2
  bind_hostname true

gmond is configured with unicast

when gmond is configured with unicast, you should specify host and port with same value of gmond.conf:

<match metrics>
  type              ganglia
  port              8649
  group             metric_group
  name_key_pattern  ^field


Apache License, Version 2.0


Copyright © 2013 Hiroshi Sakai

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