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Compare with TypeLITE and TypeWriter

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TypeLITE and TypeWriter also generate TypeScript interfaces/classes from POCO classes, through different styles of programming efforts, suitable for different Software Development Life Cycles.

TypeLITE provides a set of API, and you may do cherry picking through decorating classes with TsClassAttribute or TypeLITE fluent API in order to generate TypeScript interfaces

TypeWriter provides a Visual Studio Extension that tracks C# classes matching some filters defined in a template, and the extension will generate TypeScript classes automatically whenever you modify filtered POCO classes.

POCO2TS.exe generates TypeScript interfaces from POCO classes implemented in an assembly. The creation and update of TypeScript codes are generate done through a batch file. And the core component Fonlow.Poco2Ts is used in clientapigen, so the TypeScipe data interfaces are used together with client API codes generated.

Feature / Product POCO2TS TypeLITE TypeWriter
Basic output interface interface class
Namespace CLI namespace with dots replaced by underscore plus suffix _Client CLI namespace Defined in template
Cherry Picking DataContractAttribute, MemberDataAttribute, JsonObjectAttribute or SerializableAttribute or all public properties and fields TsClassAttribute, TsIgnoreAttribute or fluent API Filters defined in a template, at design time
Output path Defined in command line arguments, or in the JSON settings of webapiclientgen The ~/Scripts folder where TypeLITE is installed Under the *.tst node in the Solution Explorer
.NET version 4.5.2 & .NET Core 4.0 Portable 4.5
Interaction CLI IDE and coding IDE
Doc Comment Yes No No
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