Flipping menu system written in Swift. Uses @IBDesignable for quick and easy implementation.
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Flipping menu system written in Swift. Uses @IBDesignable for quick and easy implementation.

Screen Example


Menu System:

  • uses Interface Builder no coding required
  • menu items flip and expand/display linked UIViewControllers
  • when the linked controller completes, it is contracted back in the menu item
  • menu controller automatically registers the delegate & tracking tags
  • IBDesignable elements for text, font, text alignment, and colors
  • uses custom transition to expand & contract linked UIViewControllers


  1. Xcode 6.1
  2. iOS 8.0+


  1. Copy these class files to your Xcode Project
    • JGFlipMenuItem.swift
    • JGFlipMenuController.swift
    • JGTransitionExpandContract.swift
  2. Create a UIViewController in Interface Builder and assign JGFlipMenuController as class
  3. Embed in a Navigation Controller (i.e. from Interface Builder menu: Editor->Embed In->Navigation Controller)
  4. Drag UIViews for each menu option, and assign JGFlipMenuItem as class for each
  5. For each JGMenuItem use the Attributes Inspector to modify the default IBInspectable elements as desired:
    • Front & back images
    • Title
    • Vertical & horizontal text centering
    • Front & back panel runtime colors
    • Font style and colors.
  6. Create or assign UIViewControllers to link your menu options to.
  7. Important: for each UIViewController it is required that you assign a Storyboard ID that matches exactly the JGMenuItem Title.


Included is an example.