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Copyright (c) 2009-2021 The developers

What is ZillionCoin?

ZillionCoin is a new cryptocurrency which is more decentralized than Bitcoin (and other Cryptocurrencies). It prevents centralization of hashing power in pools, which is one of the main concerns of Bitcoin security. ZillionCoin was fairly launched with no premine.

  • Algorithm: SpreadX11
  • Block generation: 1 minute
  • Difficulty retargets: every block based on last 360 blocks
  • Reward starts at approx. 66.66 coins per block
  • Block reward is smoothly halved every 4 years
  • Total supply: 200 mln coins
  • No year 2106 problem

Port: 41682

RPC-Port: 41681


ZillionCoin is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING for more information or see