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My personal Emacs configuration

Hacking journey begins start from 2013.

It was written for Emacs 25.1+ on MacOS 10.11+

How to use

Follow the install instruction here: , make sure your are using the fork repo:

Why use the forked repo? What’s the difference between the forked repo and the original repo?

Nothing difference!

The forked version is only a few commits behind the original repo, becuase sometimes the original repo can’t functional well.

What’s the highlight of this configuration

  1. It’s a highly optimized Spacemacs configuration, you should use the configuration together with the develop branch of the forked Spacemacs.
  2. I prefer to the Ivy completion interface, so I removed many helm related packages but keep the helm-ag package. The counsel-ag counterpart is not powerful as helm-ag.
  3. I also removed some packages I don’t have any chance to use. The complete list lies in the exclude section of the init.el file.
  4. I also exclude the Spaceline package, cause it’s easy to frozen the Emacs with this package enabled. So I create my own mode line configuration based on Spaceline.
  5. The Swiper package sometimes frozen the Emacs UI when you split the window with very long lines. You could use `pkill -SIGUSR2 -i emacs` in command line to save the frozen Emacs.


Install Imagemagick

Add ispell support:

Happing Hacking

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