Scripts to build ffmpeg with all the deps statically (webm + h264 included)
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FFmpeg static build

STATUS: community-supported

Three scripts to make a static build of ffmpeg with all the latest codecs (webm + h264).

Just follow the instructions below. Once you have the build dependencies, run ./, wait and you should get the ffmpeg binary in target/bin

Build dependencies

# Debian & Ubuntu
$ apt-get install build-essential curl tar

# OS X
# install XCode, it can be found at
# (apple login needed)
# <FIXME???>

Build & "install"

$ ./ or
# ... wait ...
# binaries can be found in ./target/bin/

NOTE: If you're going to use the h264 presets, make sure to copy them along the binaries. For ease, you can put them in your home folder like this:

$ mkdir ~/.ffmpeg
$ cp ./target/share/ffmpeg/*.ffpreset ~/.ffmpeg


On the top-level of the project, run:

$ . env.source

You can then enter the source folders and make the compilation yourself

$ cd build/ffmpeg-*
$ ./configure --prefix=$TARGET_DIR #...
# ...

Remaining links

I'm not sure it's a good idea to statically link those, but it probably means the executable won't work across distributions or even across releases.

# On Ubuntu 10.04:
$ ldd ./target/bin/ffmpeg 
not a dynamic executable

# on OSX 10.6.4:
$ otool -L ffmpeg 
    /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib (compatibility version 1.0.0, current version 125.2.0)

Community, bugs and reports

This repository is community-supported. If you make a useful PR then you will be added as a contributor to the repo. All changes are assumed to be licensed under the same license as the project (ISC).

As a contributor you can do whatever you want. Help maintain the scripts, upgrade dependencies and merge other people's PRs. Just be responsible and make an issue if you want to introduce bigger changes so we can discuss them beforehand.


  • Add some tests to check that video output is correctly generated this would help upgrading the package without too much work
  • OSX's xvidcore does not detect yasm correctly
  • remove remaining libs (?)

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This project is licensed under the ISC. See the LICENSE file for the legalities.