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Sets up asdf, with auto install and optimized usage of the direnv plugin.


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Initializes asdf, installing it using git if not installed yet. Also, bypasses the shims if you're using the direnv plugin, as suggested by the plugin pro-tips.


The path of ASDF_DIR, where asdf is installed, is checked among the usual directories created by Homebrew or Pacman, or the default ${HOME}/.asdf. You can define ASDF_DIR, before where this module is initialized, to customize it's path:



Do do I install the direnv plugin to work with this module?

  1. Run this command:
    asdf plugin-add direnv
  2. Do not run this command: asdf direnv setup --shell zsh --version latest
  3. Only if you don't have direnv already installed with your system package manager, run this command:
    asdf install direnv latest

How to configure asdf to work with the direnv installed with my system package manager?

If you're using your system's direnv instead of direnv installed via asdf, follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall any direnv installed with asdf.
  2. Keep the asdf direnv plugin installed.
  3. Make sure the ~/.config/direnv/lib/ script exists.
  4. Make sure your direnv .envrc files have use asdf.
  5. Remove zmodule asdf from .zimrc or any asdf initialization from .zshrc.
  6. Make sure you're initializing direnv during shell start-up, with the following line in your .zshrc or any other preferred way:
    source <(direnv hook zsh)

Basically you're using direnv to activate asdf this way. Since you're using the system's direnv, that does not depend on asdf to work, it's a much simpler setup.