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Exposes to prompts how long the last command took to execute.


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Exposes to prompts how long the last command took to execute.


By default, the duration information will be only set if the command took at least 2 seconds to execute. The threshold value, in seconds, can be customized with:

zstyle ':zim:duration-info' threshold <threshold value>

The threshold value can be a decimal number. If the threshold value is less than 1, then milliseconds are automatically shown.

Milliseconds can also be directly enabled with the following zstyle:

zstyle ':zim:duration-info' show-milliseconds yes


To configure the format of the duration information, use the following syntax in your prompt code:

zstyle ':zim:duration-info' format '<string containing %d>'

The occurrence of the %d code in the format string is substituted by the duration, and the duration_info variable is set to the formatted string. If the duration is less than the threshold, the variable is unset instead.

In your prompt code, add ${duration_info} to where you want the duration information to be displayed. Usually, you'll add it to the value of either PS1 or RPS1. Also, add the duration-info-preexec and duration-info-precmd functions to the preexec and precmd hooks respectively.

Here's an example:

setopt nopromptbang prompt{cr,percent,sp,subst}

zstyle ':zim:duration-info' threshold 0.5
zstyle ':zim:duration-info' format '(%d) '

autoload -Uz add-zsh-hook
add-zsh-hook preexec duration-info-preexec
add-zsh-hook precmd duration-info-precmd

PS1='${duration_info}%# '


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