Latex Package for solving assingment sheets ( default Uni Konstanz Information Engineering and Informatik)
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General Info

This package is made for students of Information Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Konstanz.

It contains useful commands for styling the assignments and generating diagrams and graphs (not yet imported).

University and Department are hardcoded into the package but of course changeable.

This package is still in an beta stage while our commands and functions are integrated. So as always use at your own risk.

Feel free to use the Issue feature of Github to request features or give us feedback or send bug reports.

Installation instructions and an example can be found on the documentation pages.

List of Parameters

Parameter Description
de german layout
en english layout
topTable place PointTable on top of first page
bottomTable place PointTable on bottom of last page
noTable don't draw the point table
topExercise place the of Points on the Exercise line
noPoints no Point output is shown on the page
bubble draw a bubble instead of [ ]
break draw a line after each exercise
mark draw a DRAFT-watermark if no "final" flag is used

List of global Commands

Name of command Parameters Description Example
\Names 1 the student names for an assignment sheet \Names{Jonas Zinn}
\Lecture 1(1) the name of the lecture \Lecture{name}, \Lecture[short]{long name}
\Department 1 the department of the lecture \Department{Information Science}
\Term 1 the current term \Term{WS 12/13}
\Group 1 a group id \Group{H12}
\University 1 the name of the university \University{Konstanz}

List of document commands

Name of command Parameters Description Example
\question 2(1) places a new question in a exercise environment \question{question}{answer},\question[points]{question}{answer}
\Venn 1 generates a Venn diagram with 2 Sets \Venn{1010},\Venn[red,blue]{1020},\Venn[green,blue][H,M,T]{0102}
\bigVenn 1(2) generates a Venn diagram with 3 Sets \bigVenn{10100101},\bigVenn[red,blue]{10100201},\bigVenn[green,blue][i,j,k,T]{10100102}
\Title 1(2) makes a Headline \Title{test}
\loadJava 1 loads a java file with syntax highlighting \loadJava{hallo}
\loadCpp 1 loads a cpp file with syntax highlighting \loadCpp{hallo.cpp}
\loadSource 1(1) loads a source file (with chosen highlighting) \loadSource{hallo.html},\loadSource[HTML]{test.html}
\red 1 displays text red (even in math) \red{text red}
\blue 1 displays text blue (even in math) \blue{text blue}
\green 1 displays text green (even in math) \green{text green}
\darkRed 1 displays text dark red (even in math) \darkRed{you do not expect}
\darkBlue 1 displays text dark blue (even in math) \darkblue{so on}
\darkGreen 1 displays text dark green (even in math) \darkGreen{again}
\darkYellow 1 displays text dark yellow (even in math) \darkYellow{does something}
\yellow 1 displays text yellow (even in math) \yellow{last}
\correct 0 displays a green check mark (text and math) \correct
\wrong 0 displays a red cross (text and math) \wrong
\flash 0 displays a yellow flash (text and math) \flash
\setBText 1 sets the induction base annotation \setBText{$i = 0$}
\setAText 1 same like \setBText
\setSText 1 sets the induction step annotation \setSText{$i \leq 1$}
\induction 2 write the induction without hypothesis \induction{The Induction base}{The induction step}
\Induction 3 write the induction \induction{The Induction base}{The hypothesis}{The induction step}
\todo 1(1) insert a very visible TODO-note, optional could be "inline", "color=green" (or other colors), "linecolor=green", "noline", "fancyline" \todo[inline]{Do something}
\missingfigure 1(1) inserts something to remind you of missing figures, optional could be "figurewidth="  \missingfigure[figurewidth=6cm]{Insert a picture of a flower.}

List of Environments

Environment name parameter description example
ukon-infie 1(1) defines the exercise \begin{ukon-infie}[date]{Number of assignment} \end{ukon-infie}
exercise 1(1) defines a Task \begin{exercise}[p=6,z=1]{Taskname} \end{exercise}

List of Exercise parameter

parameter description
p the points for this Task
z the additional points for this task
top place the of Point on the top
bottom place the of Point on the top
bubble draw a bubble instead of [ ]
text draw [] instead of bubble
break draw a line after this task
additional don't draw nor count this task to the points
nobreak don't draw a line after this task
num label questions numeric
rom label questions roman
Alph label questions with alphas
Rom label questions Roman
none don't label questions
col create a 2 column multicol around the questions
cols create a X column multicol around the questions

List of Colors

name color
dGreen Color
dBlue Color
dRed Color
dYellow Color
lYellow Color


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Germany License. The licence can be found at


Originally made by Jonas, Stephan, Morix and Manuel in the winter term of 2010, refined throughout numerous assignments and night shifts.

New Release since winter term 2012 by Jonas.

The layout was passed down to us from older fellow students, the origin remains uncertain.